Grigg Brothers® Proven Foliar™ chelating technology and superior nutrient formulations bypasses typical problems of traditional nutrient applications since our applied nutrients are immediately available to the plant.

Every Week
Gary’s Green 6 fl/oz per 1,000 sq ft
Ultraplex 3 fl/oz per 1,000 sq ft
Magnesium Combo 2fl/oz per 1,000 sq ft

Every Other Week
P-K Plus 6 fl/oz per 1,000 sq ft

Superintendents, in order to satisfy the wants of their golfers for green speed are required to cut their greens so low and so often that there is very limited leaf surface to photosynthesize.   A putting green mowed at 1/8 inch or less, regardless of if it is a warm or cool season grass, simple can not photosynthesize enough to ensure adequate carbohydrate reserves and storage. The turf is trying to survive and utilizes all the carbohydrates available to do just that - survive. The plant therefore does a poor job of storing any carbohydrate reserve in the root.

The health of turfgrass being cut so low will depend in large part on the greens management practices.  One key aspect of the greens management is nutrient level of the plant tissue.

Our Grigg Brothers Tournament Greens Management Program supplies all nutrients needed for plant growth including those critical for photosynthesis. It also supplies a spreading agent for better leaf contact, a water buffer agent to bring the pH of the mix to the correct level for plant uptake and also contains biostimulants, sugars and amino acids.

The utilization level of Grigg Brothers foliar fertilization and the 13 essential nutrients required by all higher plants is very high because it directly penetrates the waxy cuticle of the leaf and is efficiently absorbed and translocated.  Plant health, growth, and development are dependent on all of these elements being present at optimum concentrations - and the Tournament Program delivers.  N, Mg, S, Fe, Mn & Zn and other critical nutrients needed for chlorophyll production and thus carbohydrate production are readily and quickly absorbed by the plant leaves.  Golfers will enjoy beautiful, consistently fast greens and the superintendent can have confidence that the stressed turf grass is thriving.

Grigg Brothers chelated straight nutrients or any other Proven Foliar product can be added to this greens management program as indicated by soil and tissue test results.

Foliars are best applied when the plant is cool and filled with water. This preferably means spraying during a cooler time of day like early in the morning, when humidity is up and leaves are wet with dew. Cool evenings also work well as long as irrigation is not applied for 6 hours after application. Grigg Brothers® continuing research shows spraying in the middle of a hot day will give you reduced effectiveness in absorption of most nutrients.

Grigg Brothers products are proven by scientific, independent, and university testing.  They provide turf managers with the best method of fertilization for golf course maintenance and tournament preparation.

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