Halosulfuron Pro (Manage)(Bottle)

SKU: HALOSUL001 | Brand: NuFarm

10 x 1.33 oz

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Halosulfuron Pro herbicide kills nutsedge without injury to turfgrass, established ornamentals, shrubs, and/or trees.  Halosulfuron provides post-emergence control of both purple nutsedge and yellow nutsedge.  Halosulfuron Pro also controls many broadleaf weeds and suppresses kyllinga. Nutsedge is controlled after emergence in cool and warm season turf grasses such as St. Augustinegrass, Bermudagrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, tall and fine fescue, and perennial ryegrass.  It is considered one of the more "gentle to turfgrass" products and pets and people can return to the treated area once the spray dries.

Active Ingredient

Halosulfuron-methyl 75%
Other Ingredients 25%


Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Kinetic                1pt/100gal            1.0 - 2.0 gal