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6 x 1 lb

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Active Ingredient:


HERITAGE inhibits mitochondrial respiration, binding to cytochrome b and preventing ATP production in fungi. 
HERITAGE affects all stages of fungal disease development. The product is taken up by leaves, crowns and roots. 
Within the plants, the product is transported from the roots upwards but not in the other direction (acropetal). 
One can also observe a movement of the product within the leaf. 



 Effective against most of the toughest turf grass and ornamental fungal diseases
 Low rates and extended spray intervals
 Low risk toxicological profile and reduced risk to environmental resources
 Novel mode of action which makes HERITAGE an excellent fit in resistance management programs
 Field tests have shown that HERITAGE consistently provides exceptional disease control at extended intervals and at the same time improves overall turf quality
 Preventive and curative activity