HiO Hole Cutter with Outside Sharpened Blade (Clay)

SKU: 1003-2-PAR | Brand: Par Aide Products Co.


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Outside Sharpened Edge - Par Aide HiO™ Hole Cutter For Clay Based Greens

Superintendents everywhere have been won over by it's precision, ease-of-use and time- and body-saving ability. 

The HiO Hole Cutter is the best pound-in hole cutter on the market. Cut perfectly round holes with clean edges at uniform depths. To operate, simply pull out the pin, lift the handle, and the hammer action will pound the hole cutter into the ground

Cups with clean edges don't go unnoticed by the avid golfer. They will notice any discrepancies from hole to hole. Consistently impress your customers this season with the best cut cups they have ever seen.

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HIO hole cutter