Hurricane WDG (Ctn)

SKU: HURRICA004 | Brand: Syngenta

8 x 8 Oz Carton

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Active Ingredient:


Fludioxonil - 32.0% Mefenoxam - 16.0%


The Hurricane WDG Fungicide 8 oz. has a water dispersible granule formulation that is easy to measure, mix and apply on plants. 
It helps protect young roots and stems from getting and developing diseases that may harm the plants for good. 
It effectively controls pathogens like pythium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia and others. It's a fungicide that is cost effective for growers with several ornamental plants and other species. 
With its improved formulation, the Hurricane is an effective fungicide option that's premixed with two modes of action, both contact and systematic activity against a wide range of root and stem diseases. 
The Hurricane WDG has a dust free formulation, making it easy for growers to mix and apply the product on plants without any required protective eye wear and respirator.