SKU: 7250-03-PAR | Brand: Par Aide Products Co.


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Mix and match various panels to create the perfect organization tool for your shop's needs.
2' x 4' framed, pre-printed whiteboard panel High-quality whiteboard material Artwork is printed on panels; then, covered with a dry-erase material
Won't rub off! Mounting hardware included. 


Additional Par Aide Job Boards from Golf Ventures
Part NumberPart Description
7250-01 non-magnetizedJob Board (1 Job), Non-magnetized
7250-02 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Job Board (2 Jobs)
7250-03 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Job Board (Days of the Week)
7250-04 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, 1-Month Board
7250-05 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, 2-Month Board
7250-06 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Start Time, Tee Time Board
7250-07 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Mechanics Board
7250-08 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Blank Board
7250-09 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Lined Board
7250-10 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Mowing Patterns
7250-11 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Mowing Patterns and Job Extension Board
7250-12 non-magnetizedNon-magnetized, Misc. Notes Board
7251-01 magnetizedJob Board (1 Job), Magnetized
7251-02 magnetizedJob Board (2 Jobs), Magnetized
7251-03 magnetizedMagnetized, Job Board (Days of the Week)
7251-04 magnetizedMagnetized, 1-Month Board
7251-05 magnetizedMagnetized, 2-Month Board
7251-06 magnetizedMagnetized, Start Time, Tee Time Board
7251-07 magnetizedMagnetized, Mechanics Board
7251-08 magnetizedMagnetized, Blank Board
7251-09 magnetizedMagnetized, Lined Board
7251-10 magnetizedMagnetized, Mowing Patterns
7251-11 magnetizedMagnetized, Mowing Patterns and Job Extension Board
7251-12 magnetizedMagnetized, Misc. Notes Board