KaPre ExAlt (250 gal)

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250 Gal

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Concentrated Soil Surfacant - Polyelectrolyte Solution 

KaPre ExAlt, from Performance Nutrition is a blend of concentrated fulvic acid and naturally derived plant-based surfactants. KaPre ExAlt releases nutrients and micronutrients tied up in the soil while it corrects compacted soils and flushes sodium from the root zone. Suitable for use on all turf and ornamentals.

Application of KaPre ExAlt will improve any type of soil under a wide range of circumstances.

KaPre ExAlt contains uniquely derived, highly concentrated fulvic acid molecules.

KaPre ExAlt works immediately upon entering the soil by releasing and chelating calcium, magnesium and other beneficial ions locked in the soil matrix.

KaPre ExAlt improves the movement of water, air, ions, microbes, and nutrients long after initial application.

KaPre ExAlt will continue chelating and breaking down a myriad of potential soil toxins including herbicide and pesticide residues long after application

The powerful wetting and penetrating abilities of Kapre ExAlt greatly assists in flushing the free sodium ions deeper in the soil column where it can be naturally buffered.

Why use KaPre ExAlt:
    • Makes nitrogen fertilizers more efficient 
    • Unlocks soil-bound nutrients
    • Enhances nutrient use efficiency
    • Selectively flushes sodium from root zone
    • Detoxifies soil pollutants
    • Helps to re-establish proper soil structure 
    • Corrects compacted soils
    • Increases leaf-absorption of foliar-fed nutrients 
    • Reduces and eliminates black layer
    • Improves drainage
    • Improve conditions for seedling emergence 
    • Increases the survival rate of damaged turf - seedlings - transplants - cuttings - and grafts

Guaranteed Analysis
Humic Acids ....... 35%
Water ...................65%

Sold by the gallon  
Shipped in 250 gallons