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10 x 5 lb

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KARMEX 80 DF is recommended for control of weeds to aid in the establishment of hybrid poplar plantings. Apply at 1.0 to 3.0 pounds per acre depending upon soil texture and organic matter content. Use 1.0 to 2.0 pounds per acre on coarse textured soils and 2.0 to 3.0 pounds per acre on medium to fine textured soils.

Do not use on gravelly soils or on any soil having less than 0.5% organic matter as injury to trees may result. Injury may result from applications to poplar plantings grown on sandy soil with low organic matter with sprinkler irrigation. When applied in a band, the application rate will be in proportion to the area banded on a per acre basis.

Apply in late winter or early spring as a uniform broadcast spray before or after planting but prior to bud swell, or as a directed spray after bud swell. Apply before weeds emerge or after emergence while weeds are small. Some rainfall or water is necessary to move KARMEX 80 DF into the weed root zone before weeds become well established. If weeds are present at time of treatment, add a surfactant at 1 to 2 quarts per 100 gallons of spray solution.

PRE-PLANT: Take precautions to prevent treated soil (usually top 1 inch) from coming into contact with roots of trees during the planting process as injury may result. POST-PLANT (BROADCAST): It is best to wait until rain or irrigation has settled the soil around the newly planted trees before applying KARMEX 80 DF. If trees are dormant, a broadcast application can be made.

POST- PLANT (DIRECTED): If buds have started to swell, use a directed spray pattern that prevents KARMEX® XP from contact with trees as injury may result. During the growing season (from bud swell to leaf drop) KARMEX 80 DF may be applied (alone or with tank mix) between tree rows with shielded or directed spray equipment. KARMEX 80 DF can be tank mixed with a registered glyphosate herbicide pre-plant and as a directed spray to broaden the spectrum of weeds controlled and improve post-emergence activity. Use 1.0 to 3.0 pounds KARMEX 80 DF plus glyphosate herbicide (according to label recommendations) depending upon soil type and weeds to be controlled. Note: There are several formulations of glyphosate herbicide. Check the glyphosate herbicide label to verify that the intended use as a pre-plant or post-directed spray on hybrid poplar plantations is allowed. Avoid contact of glyphosate herbicide with foliage, green stems, trees or other desirable vegetation because severe damage or destruction may result.

Active Ingredient

Diuron 80.0%
Inert Ingredients 20.0%