Kick 0-1-2 Soil Conditioner

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2 x 2.5 Gal Case

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Soil Conditioner and Liquid Nutrient

Kick is the Ultimate Soil Conditioner. Designed to help open tight soils and stimulate microbial activity, Kick will promote healthy root growth in both turf and ornamentals, reduce plant stress, break nutrient bonds in the soil and is an available food source for microbial populations.

With over twenty raw materials, Kick is one of the most complete soil conditioners available. Use Kick as part of a regular liquid application program for very tight soils, sodium rich soils, or to help stimulate new plantings.
Kick addresses the issues of:  compaction, drainage, adequate root pore space, microbial stimulation, and plant nutrition. The abundance of ingredients assures that roots are consistently nourished as well as provided with raw materials that assist in stimulating the eco-system surrounding the roots. Kick also aids in the removal of toxic levels of root damaging salts.

Kick is a key component in our Sodium and Bicarbonate Flush Program
Program includes:
     SuperCal S04 5-10 lbs./1000sq. ft.
     Earthworks Kick & Cal Vantage 10oz/1000sq. ft. 
     Kapre Exalt .75oz/1000sq. ft.  (1qt/Acre)

 Removes Sodium and Bicarbonates from the root zone.  Apply S04, then tank mix of Kick, Cal Vantage, and       Kapre Exalt. Apply 1 - 2 times per month, based on rain and soil conditions.

• Detoxifies Soil Pollutants  
• Prevents Surface Sealing
• Helps to Re-establish Proper Soil Structure 
• Stimulates Microbial Activity 
• Promotes Healthy Root Growth
• Corrects Compacted Soils  
• Fights Localized Dry spots
• Protects Roots from Dehydration
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Guaranteed Analysis
Available Phosphate (P2O5) ……………………….. 1.00%
Soluble Potash (K2O) ……………………………….. 2.00%
Derived from: Molasses, Kelp Extract and Phosphoric Acid
Guaranteed Analysis
10% Organic matter (Derived from Molasses and Kelp)
4.0% Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (Surfactant)
4.0% Oilseed Extract (Surfactant)
1% Humic Acid (Derived from Leonardite)
Organic matter in the Molasses and Kelp Extract is a source of carbon that serves as food for soil microbes. Humic acids may aid in micronutrient uptake.

Kick formulation includes: 
Yucca Schidigera Extract: A botanical extract from the inner bark of the Yucca Schidigera Cactus that provides emulsifying properties to make water “wetter”; also provides polysaccharides that act as a food source for soil micro-flora.
Coconut Oil Base Surfactant: A biodegradable emulsifier that loosens aggregates and allows water to move throughout the crumb structure.
Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate: An excellent wetting agent that acts as a soil penetrant, breaking hardpan and increasing capillary action of water. 
Humic Acid: An alkaline extract of geologically concentrated humus, rich in organic acids that stimulates beneficial soil fungi, acts as a chelating agent for micro-nutrients, and performs as a sequestering agent to help fracture bonds between phosphorous and iron/calcium/aluminum.
Fulvic Acid: An acid extract of geologically concentrated humus that has a strong electrostatic charge, enabling the chelating of nutrients, as well as being a source of micronutrients in a colloidal form. 
North Atlantic Kelp Extract: Rich in over 60 minerals, 21 amino acids and 12 vitamins, kelp extract is also a rich source of plant gibberellins and cytokinins that act as plant growth regulators. It also provides muco-polysaccarides, which are complex sugars that assist in feeding soil micro flora.
Black Strap Molasses: An excellent source of invert sugars, trace minerals such as iron, copper and zinc, as well as sulfur. Excellent foliar feed and soil bio-stimulant.
Brewex: A malt sugar derived from the brewing industry, rich in B-vitamins and invert sugars to feed soil bacteria. 
CLS: Concentrated liquid sugar made up of dextrose and corn syrup for a quickly available source of energy, especially when nitrogen is available.
EW Mineral Plex: Consisting of copper, boron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, cobalt, selenium, iron and silica chelated with RL-37, which is used to create “clustered” water and places a charge on trace minerals to produce a colloidal suspension.
Phosphoric Acid: Food grade (85%) used to stabilize pH and provide readily available phosphorous.
Bio-Net: Fermentation soluble of dairy whey and corn distillate which contains many bioactive components such as organic acids, B-vitamins, amino acids and peptides, trace minerals and enzymes

Kick 0-1-2 is manufactured by complex process called “stacking”, which allows for ingredient compatibility by following a proper sequence of mixing, creating maximum saturation of the water by these nutrients. Finally, the products are micro-screened in order to create a non-plugging filtrate for trouble-free applications.

Comes in 2 X 2.5 Gallon Case.  Manufactured by Earthworks LLC.