Kocide 2000 (20 Lb) (Lbs)

SKU: KOCIDE513 | Brand: DuPont

20 Lb Bag

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Active Ingredient:

    Copper Hydroxide ....53.8%


Dupont Kocide 2000 may be applied as an aerial, ground dilute or ground concentrate spray unless specifically directed otherwise in the specific crop use directions.

The per acre use rate of Kocide 2000 is applicable for both dilute and concentrate spraying. Depending upon the equipment used and the specific crop, the spray volume applied per acre will differ. Refer to Minimum Recommended Spray Volume Table. 
Complete spray coerage is essentil to assure optimum performance from KOCIDE 2000.
 When treating by aerial application or with low volume application equipment, unless you have had specific previous experience, it is advisable to test for compatibility and tolerance to crop injury prior to full scale commercial utilization.