Krystal Klear Zn

SKU: KK ZN-PNT | Brand: Performance Nutrition

2.5 Gal Jug

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Krystal Klear Zn is a patented chelated micronutri¬ent solution containing 9% Zinc.

Quickly corrects zinc deficiencies.  Zinc controls the synthesis of indoleacetic acid, which regulates plant growth. Zinc is essential for maintenance of protein synthesis. Zinc is needed for the synthesis of auxin.
Zinc is required for membrane integrity.

Krystal Klear 9% Zn is produced using a patented “dual-chelation” system for optimal performance. Krystal Klear micronutrient solutions have excellent tank-mix compatibilities, provide quick uptake of micronutrients, and deliver a sustained response.

Krystal Klear patented chelated micronutrients are more available than other chelated metals so they provide quick deficiency corrections. Krystal Klear patented chelated micronutrient solutions have a low affinity for calcium so they will not induce calcium deficiencies.

Krystal Klear Zn can be incorporated into the normal spray program. Start applications in early spring, and repeat every 14-21 days.

Guaranteed Analysis
  Zinc (Zn) 9%
  9% Chelated Zink derived from zinc IDS and zinc EDTA

Manufactured by Performance Nutrition.  Ships a case of 2 X 2.5 gallon jugs.