Leonardite Plus Fine

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50Lb Bag / Ton / Bulk

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Leonardite Plus Fine is a dry powder designed to be mixed or formulated prior to application with granular fertilizers, soil amendments, or any other bulk substrate which is already being applied to turfgrass.  Sourced from North Dakota Leonardite, regarded as the best mines in the world.

Leonardite, coal-like in appearance differs from coal in that it is highly oxidized. Leonardite is organic material that has not become coal due to a high level of active bacteria in the sedimentation layer.  Thousands of years ago, large bodies of water existed where huge quantities of organic matter were deposited and began to slowly decompose. Over time, the organic material began to lose oxygen and was transformed under heat and pressure. These particular deposits of Leonardite were never buried deep enough to undergo the complete transformation to coal.

By definition, the term “Leonardite” refers solely and exclusively to the humic acid deposits  discovered by Dr. Leonard in North Dakota and which are distinguishable by their unique chemical and biological characteristics which are quite different from those of other deposits of humic substances in the world. If it’s not from North Dakota, it’s not Leonardite.

Humic matter is formed through the microbial breakdown of plant and animal matter. The main
component of humic matter are the humic acids, which contain both humic and fulvic acids. Humic acids are a natural way to provide plants and soils with a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements that are normally not provided by typical fertilization. 

Is Brandt Leonardite a Fertilizer?
No, not on its own, but is the ideal complement to conventional fertilizers and a well balanced fertility
program. By itself, Brandt Leonardite doesn’t supply NPK or micronutrients in a conventional manner but indeed increases their availability.

Shipped in 50 pound bags.   Available in bulk.