Loch Ness SS

SKU: 50020BRN021-BRA | Brand: Brandt

12 x 1 quart

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Super Strength Black Lake and Pond Colorant

Treats 1 acre of water 4-6 feet deep

  Aesthetic treatment for shallow or muddy ponds and lakes
  Non-toxic, harmless to fish and wildlife
  Compatible with most herbicides and algaecides
  Economical and longer lasting

The use of Brandt Loch Ness SS adds a natural beauty to ponds, lakes and lagoons, aesthetically improving their appearance coloring them a natural, beautiful deep blue/black. When used as directed, this product will not stain or harm fish or wildlife. The formulation is designed to darken water sufficiently to protect against fish poaching in aquacultural environments. When treating ponds, allow this product to fully disperse before fishing, swimming or irrigating.

Apply at the rate of 1 quart per 1 surface acre of water 4-6 feet deep

Packaged: 12 X 1 quart