Manni-Plex Cal MG

SKU: 28117BRN100T-BRA | Brand: Brandt

2 x 2.5 Gal

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Build Stronger, Healthier Turf and Ornamentals

Applying the right combination of nutrients produces outstanding greens, tees and ornamentals. BRANDT MANNI-PLEX foliar nutrients were designed to deliver nutrition quickly and efficiently. Their small molecular size and weight helps get more nutrition into the plant for better results.

Key Benefits of BRANDT MANNI-PLEX Cal-Mag


  Quickly supplies readily available N, Ca and Mg to turf and plants
  Proprietary formulation coats leaves and sticks to the surface, making nutrients available longer


  Builds strong, healthy and vibrant plants and turf
  Enhances root mass and growth
  Helps turf and plants better withstand stress
  Delivers consistent results

Easy to Use

  Ready-to-use liquid formulation
  Compatible with most fungicides, insecticides and PGR’s
  May applied using ground equipment, through fertigation or as a soil drench

Total Nitrogen (N)             7.0%  (Nitrate nitrogen)
Calcium (Ca)                    5.3%  (Water soluble calcium)
Magnesium (Mg)              2.6%
Derived from calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate

Manufactured by Brandt.  Available in 2 X 2.5 Gallon Cases.

Brandt Fairway Nutrition Programs

Keep turf grass looking and performing its best with BRANDT's Fairway Nutrition program. Each application of AGRA SOL and BRANDT REACTION specialty nutritionals with 100% chelated minor packages will promote turf health and color for 2-3 weeks. Can be used with confidence in tanks mixed with growth regulators, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and other non-phosphorus liquid fertilizers. You won’t find better fairways programs at any cost!






Agra Sol Turf Mix

Reaction® K LS

4.0% Mg, 0.5% B, 2.0% Fe, 2.0% Mn, 0.5% Zn

1.0% N, 7.0% K20, 1.0% S

3 lbs/ac

1 gal/ac


Agra Sol Turf Mix

Reaction MKS

4.0% Mg, 0.5% B, 2.0% Fe, 2.0% Mn, 0.5% Zn

4.0% K20, 2.1% Mg, 4.2% S

3 lbs/ac

1 gal/ac


Parco-Root XL

Reaction K LS

.5% Mg, 4.0% S, 0.16% B, 3.5% Fe, 0.75% Mn, 0.003% Mo, 0.75% Zn

1.0% N, 7.0% K20, 1.0% S

1 gal/ac

1 gal/ac

BRANDT Reaction® is a unique line of soil applied nutrients with a patented technology that delays the chemical fixation of phosphorus and potassium with other nutrients or elements in the soil. It keeps nutrients available in the soil solution for up to 26 weeks, which enhances nutrient availability, uptake and utilization. BRANDT Reaction products are especially useful in high alkaline, calcareous and acidic soils; and can withstand most hostile soil and water conditions.

BRANDT Agra Sol® dry soluble powder chelates to supply key micronutrients to plants and turf at a great value. They mix easily with water and can be applied alone, added to dry granular fertilizers or applied with non-phosphorus liquid fertilizers.

Brandt Parco-Root XL® is a special formulation of natural biostimulants and essential micronutrients containing solubilized forms of essential amino acids, vitamins, humic matter, chelating agents and wetting agents. It is uniquely absorbed with a highly concentrated blend of plant biostimulants, micronutrients, humates and wetting agents.

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