Milorganite 6-2-0 with 4% Fe Greens Grade

SKU: MILORGA075 | Brand: Milorganite

50 lb bag

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The same nutrient package you get from the original Milorganite is now available in a Greens Grade. These SGN 90 granules contain the same nutrients as Milorganite Classic. The particles are small enough to fall into the canopy of close-cut turf. This minimizes mower pick-up and the impact on ball roll.

Milorganite is an organic nitrogen fertilizer guaranteed to contain not less than 6% nitrogen, at least 85% of which is water insoluble. The available phosphorus is not less than 2%. Milorganite also contains at 4% iron. Calcium in Milorganite helps in neutralizing acidic soils and the effects of its’ nitrogen. 

  Non-burning organic nitrogen
  High in water insoluble nitrogen
  4% organically complexed iron- aids deep green coloring
  Small granule- easily drops to soil surface
  Covers 3,000 sq. ft at 1 lb. nitrogen rate

Active Ingredient
Total Nitrogen (N) 6.0% 
  Water Soluble Nitrogen 2.5% 
  Water Insoluble Nitrogen* 3.5% 
Available Phosphate (PO5) 2.0% 
Calcium (Ca) 1.2% 
Total Iron (Fe) 4.0% 
Chlorine (Cl) maximum 1.0%