Neo-Tec GSO

SKU: NEOT3BRN100T-BRA | Brand: Brandt

50 lb bag

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Neo-Tec a naturally eerived parasitic nematode control for Turf. It's a concentrate nematicide derived from sesame plant extracts and lecithin. It is an excellent option for controlling nematodes on golf courses and sports fields and will provide quick knock down of most parasitic nematodes, including  lance, sting, root knot, root-lesion, stylet, dagger and cyst nematodes. 


NEO-TEC is absorbed and ingested by the nematode. The formulation acts as a natural toxin that disrupts nematode mobility, feeding and reproduction; and dries out nematodes to control and reduce nematode population. 

For best results apply before each growing season. Neo-Tec GSO should be applied at least twice during the spring and autumn seasons.  If conditions warrant, may also be reapplied on an as needed basis.

Sesame Oil  3.5% 
Lecithin, granulated paper  96.5% 

Manufactured by Brandt.  Available in 50 lbs.