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NIMITZ PRO G is a nematicide developed globally by ADAMA. It is the first new chemical nematicide to be developed in more than 20 years. No other plant protection product in the world has the same mode of action or ability to deliver a higher level of efficacy from a single nematicide application program.

NIMITZ Pro G is a “true nematicide” and Plant Health Promoter at the same time. It causes irreversible nematicidal activity lethal to all nematode stages within 48 hours of exposure. All while not disrupting the delicate soil ecosystem balance. The effects are not reversible, the nematodes do not recover.

Unlike some older chemistry, NIMITZ Pro G is not a fumigant.  That is, it does not work by vapor action.

The active ingredient is distributed through the soil profile and into contact with nematodes through water movement via irrigation or rainfall following application.

· Active Ingredient: 1.5% Fluensulfone
· Formulation: Granular
· Chemical Class: Heterocyclic fluoroalkenyl sulfones
· Signal Word: Caution