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Earthworks and Golf Ventures have partnered to bring you industry leading soil testing and analysis from Logan Labs.  Click "Add to Quote" Button and submit to request a soil test.

Soil testing is an excellent tool for determining soil pH, current, and future nutritional needs.  Testing and recommendations are based on a "Soil First" philosophy. By balancing soils chemically they opened up physically and soil biology was in a better position to use the carbon and other nutrients, along with better water holding capacities, deeper rooting, and more nutrient uptake with fewer inputs.  Less stress on both the superintendent and the plant!

Soil testing begins with taking a proper soil sample.  Complete and submit quote and your territory manager will be in touch with you to arrange samples and discuss results.

Standard Soil Test Guidelines
Base Line Program:  A battery of Standard Soil Tests on identified sites every  1 – 3 years depending on importance of areas tested.

The standard soil test is the starting point in any good turf management program.  It gives us the basic nutritional load in the soil, provides base saturation percentage relationships, pounds per acre of the basic cations and anions including sodium, the cation exchange capacity (CEC), soil pH, and trace nutrient levels.  Management through this test can help to open up tight soils and create a better environment for soil microbial populations improving nutrient mobility.  The standard soil test is the “road map” when building a quality soil fertility program and helps to identify what to apply and how much.   Standard soil tests should be taken every 1-3 years depending on levels of maintenance required on the site.
Reading the standard soil test report (Link) 

Water Soluble Paste Extracts
Monitoring Program: A Paste Extract program where a few Identified  “target”  sites are selected and run every 4-6 weeks or as needed  to help evaluate trends of nutrient mobility.

The water soluble paste extract test shows potential nutrient mobility of what is on the soil colloid, as seen on the standard soil test.  This is a soil test using a weak extraction solution (de-ionized water) instead of the stronger acid (Melhic III) used with the standard soil test.  This data is very valuable when building liquid and foliar feeding programs.  It identifies bicarbonate loads, parts per million of the basic cations and anions, the important percentage between potassium and sodium and finally how soluble trace elements may or may not be.
Reading the saturated paste extract report. (Link)

Water Testing
Water Testing: Waters should be monitored once a season (4x/year) to   identify potential differences of changing water supplies.

Knowing what is in the irrigation water, and how it may effects the soil and fertility program, may be one of the most important tools in managing championship turf conditions.  Contaminates in water can easily become the soil’s limiting factor and effect penetration of air and water.  By identifying if irrigation water is depositing excess nutrients or contaminates like bicarbonates and salts into the soil, successful turf and soil management becomes easier.
Definition of terms and suggested ranges. (Link)