P-K Plus

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2 x 2.5 Gal

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This formulation contains nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and potassium phosphite to supply foliar potassium and phosphite for improved plant health. 

Phosphites stimulate upregulation of plant defense mechanisms like antioxidant and phytoalexin production, and phosphite use is an essential tool for IPM disease management of pythium and anthracnose.

This product has been extensively researched with documented and proven results from Rutgers University and Virginia Tech University. Unique to PK Plus, our phosphite-containing foliar product also contains nutritional P (phosphate) unlike most, if not all other, phosphite materials on the market today.

The inclusion of N, P, K and micronutrients makes PK Plus the superior phosphite product available to the turf manager. It also is second to none in mixing capability, compatibility and turf safety. PK Plus also has been field tested for many years and has proven to be an essential product for a summer foliar program. Phosphites must be applied sequentially and preventively prior to environmental stress to be effective.

Part of the Grigg Brothers Greens Program.  Keep your greens in tournament condition.



Contains 7% phosphate (H2P2O4) AND 14% phosphite (H3PO3)
Easily absorbed and translocated
Independent and University tested since 2000
Potassium phosphite for improved plant health including increased antioxidant and phytoalexin production
Enhances plant health and resistance to abiotic stress



N    3.00%    Total Nitrogen
- 0.9% Ammonical
- 2.1% Urea
P2O5    7.00%    Phosphoric Acid
K2O    18.00%    Soluble Potash
B    0.02%    Boron
Co    0.01%    Cobolt
Mo    0.001%    Molydbenum
H3PO3    14.00%    Phosphite

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