PanaSea Plus Sea plant Extract 0-2-2

SKU: 3118804-EME | Brand: Emerald Isle (Lebanon Turf)

55 Gal

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PanaSeá Plus is a blend of natural sea plant extracts harvested from the North Atlantic Ocean stabilized with a very small amount of phosphoric acid. Use as a foliar spray for maintaining golf course greens and tees, grass tennis courts and athletic fields. Also ideal for high visibility lawns, parklands, roadways, and landscape and horticulture applications.

Proven in years of use and testing to be a leading biostimulant for improving root growth and stress tolerance. PanaSeá® Plus has the strongest concentration of active ingredients (naturally occurring cytokinins). Time and again, in side-by-side Reld trials by independent turf researchers, PanaSeá® Plus has out performed competitive biostimulants for enhancing root development in intensively maintained turfgrasses.

PanaSeá® Plus is the most potent, proven, turfgrass biostimulant on the market. It is a proprietary blend of several liquified sea plant extracts. Regular foliar applications of PanaSeá® Plus augment the plants’ own cytokininsproduction as soon as root growth peaks. During high stress periods when the plant stops producing cytokinins, PanaSeá® Plus provides cytokinins necessary to stimulate and sustain cell division in root tissue. 


Guaranteed Analysis:

Available Phosphate (P2O5)    2%
Soluble Potash (K2O)    2%
Derived From: Kelp Extract, Phophoric Acid