Patriot WDG (MSM)

SKU: NUFMSM | Brand: NuFarm

8/16 Oz

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Patriot post-emergent herbicide offers excellent control for a broad spectrum of weeds and brush in non-crop areas such as forestry, industrial sites and rights-of-way. Patriot is perfect for spot treatment use on noxious and troublesome weeds such as black henbane, bull thistle, clover, locoweed, thistle marestail. The active ingredient, Metsulfuron Methyl, is absorbed through the weed's surface and root to block the enzyme that controls amono acid production, preventing cell division and stopping growth. This enzyme is not present in humans and mammals, birds, aquatic life or insects.

Active Ingredients:
Metsulfuron Methyl: 60.00%
Other Ingredients: 40.00%
Total: 100.00%

Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Dynamic            2-3pts/100gal                1.0 Gal
Kinetic                1pt/100gal                 1.0 - 2.0 gal