Pennamin HighK (5lb bucket)

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Chelated Micronutrient Powder – Patented Amino Acid Sprayable Powder

Pennamin High-K, from Performance Nutrition is a chelated amino acid sprayble micronutrient powder that is designed for us on all types of soils.  It can be used on agricultural crops, turf and ornamentals of all types as well as in green house and nursery production. 

Pennamin High-K accelerates and enhances foliar uptake of any component and impacts efficacy of specific fertility and disease, insect and weed control products.

Pennamin High-K contains 6% nitrogen, 15% potassium hydroxide and 9% calcium as well as a blend of 17 different L-amino acids (of which are free amino acids). These amino acids are an essential nutrient for plants and microorganisms, and are easily broken down and digested.  Penn High-K is rapidly absorbed through the stomates and trans-located within the plant to correct calcium deficiencies and enhance general vigor.

Pennamin High-K can be applied with other liquid fertilizers or separately. Soil applications may be made either by sprinkler or band application. Apply every 14-28 days as needed throughout the growing season.

Pennamin High-K is compatible with most common foliar pesticides and nutrients. When mixing add Pennamin while agitating solution then add balance of water. 

Frequent applications at lower rates are generally more effective than fewer applications at higher rates.

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nigtrogen (N) ………………… 6.0%
    6.0 % Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
Soluble Potash (K2O) ……………. 15.0%
Calcium (Ca) …………………………… 9.0%
Derived from amino acids, calcium carbonate, calcium
hydroxide, calcium oxide, calcium silicate, calcium sulfate

Distributed by Performance Nutrition.  Sold by the pound. 
Shipped in 5 pound bucket