Performance Nutrition selects Golf Ventures as Distributor

Performance Nutrition selects Golf Ventures as Distributor Golf Ventures 2/21/2017 11:18:29 AM

Golf Ventures is now a distributor of the full line of turf specialty products from Performance Nutrition, including the KaPre, Prudent and Pennamin product lines.

“When I joined Golf Ventures, I wanted to bring some of the Performance Nutrition products with me,” Golf Ventures sales manager Glen Thompson said. “I knew our customers had a need for the products that were unique to Performance Nutrition. Products like KaPre Exalt, Prudent 44 and Pennamin are patented products that solve specific issues and no one else makes them.” 

Thompson said KaPre Exalt, “is a nutrient efficiency tool and it’s great at salt remediation. It’s like adding a chelating agent to the soil. It makes calcium, magnesium and phosphorous available to the plant and it helps keep nitrogen and potassium from leaching. In Florida, that’s important because we’re sandy and everything moves through the soil quickly.”

“It’s about maintaining your golf course in tournament condition everyday and these products help you achieve that. They help golf course superintendents and sports turf managers to solve problems. The products are prescriptive,” Thompson added. “I believe in the Performance Nutrition product line. They have superior technology and their quality is always very high. I know they’ll be of great benefit to our Golf Ventures customers.”

Golf Ventures is happy to have Performance Nutrition products in inventory and will ship the same day if ordered before shipping cut-off.

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