Pro-Gibb 4% (Gal)

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4 x 1 Gal

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ProGibb 4% 

ProGibb is used in many crops to improve crop quality and value. In seedless table grapes, ProGibb enlarges the cluster, thins excessive fruit and increases berry size. In citrus, ProGibb maintains the quality of the rind, extending the harvest period. ProGibb is also used to improve the market value of sweet and sour cherries, blueberries, and a number of other fruits and vegetables. In cotton and rice, ProGibb stimulates early season growth for more yield potential.

How ProGibb Works

  Active ingredient in ProGibb, gibberillic acid, is a natural plant growth regulator found in most plants that promotes the growth and development of flowers, fruits, leaves and stems.

  In seedless grapes, ProGibb applied before bloom will "stretch" the cluster. This makes more room for the berries to grow larger, and also means better air circulation in the cluster to reduce disease incidence.

  Application at bloom thins the berries so that remaining berries grow larger.

  Sizing sprays after berry set promote berry growth and development.

Active Ingredient

  Gibberellic Acid 4.0%
  Other Ingredients 96.0%