ProClipse 65 WDG (Barricade)

SKU: PROCLIP001 | Brand: NuFarm

5 x 10 lb

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ProClipse 65 WDG is a water dispersible granule containing prodiamine for preemergence control of 30 grassy and broadleaf weeds in turf and ornamentals. ProClipse offers low rate, season-long control with a unique, non-staining active ingredient and greater application flexibility. ProClipse controls susceptible weeds by preventing growth and development of newly germinated weeds.

Active Ingredient:
Prodiamine: 65.00
Other Ingredients: 35.0%
Total: 100%


Provides season-long control of crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, poa annua and is highly effective on other problem grassy and broadleaf weeds such as annual bluegrass, henbit, knotweed, chickweed and spurge
Lowest rate offers an average of three months crabgrass control, highest rate extends control to 8 months
Non-staining formulation with low solubility and volatility
Ornamental lawns, established turf, sod farms, established perennial and wildflower plantings, Christmas tree farms, and other uses


Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Kinetic                1pt/100gal            1.0 - 2.0 gal

Grounded        1gal/100gal           1.0 gal