Prohex 27.5 WDG

SKU: GV00357-RIG | Brand: Rightline

4 x 6 Lb

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Introducing RightLine® PROHEX 27.5 WDG The first alternative Growth Regulator Product with the active ingredient Prohexadione Calcium. PROHEX 27.5’s unique action translates to less work for superintendents while providing improved playability and appearance for end users.

Prohexadione Calcium has earned a significant position in turf markets as a late state stage
inhibitor, affording turfgrass professionals a new technology option. RightLine PROHEX 27.5 WDG
agency price is 17% less than Anuew™ - allowing end users to control their turfgrass growth
patterns and control their maintenance budgets as well.

Product Features

Safe and effective tool for cool and warm season turf.
Greatly improved appearance and playability of contaminated or mutated greens.
Turf growth reduction typically observed by the 3rd day after application.
Reduces turf growth and mowing frequency.
Strongly regulates Poa annua providing favorable turf growth in mixed stands.
Reduces amount of clippings.
Late-Stage Inhibitor which improves turf quality, density, and appearance.
Convenient 6 lb re-sealable packaging.
Rainfast after 1 hour.
Caution Signal-Word

Used in alternation or combination with PROHEX 27.5, trinexapac-ethyl (Primo®, Podium®, TrinPac
Select™, T-Nex®) has shown to provide extended growth regulation affects and an elimination of
bounce back or surge in growth as chemistry ‘runs out’. End users are seeing less negative side
effects of Prohex like bronzing of treated turf, damaged collars and rebound. Greatly increased
regulation of off-types and mutations in Bermuda grasses is also observed. Suggested fairway rate
for combination: 8 ounces of trinexapac-ethyl 4 ounces of PROHEX 27.5 WDG, rate may then be
adjusted based on observed results.

Manufactured by Rightline.  Sold in 6 pound jugs, case of 4 X 6 pound jugs.