SKU: PROVAUN002 | Brand: Syngenta

8 x 10 oz

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Provaunt insecticide is a water dispersible granular that may be applied as a foliar or broadcast spray to control lepidopterous larvae (such as armyworms, cutworms, sod webworms, bagworms, fall webworms, gypsy moth caterpillars, tent caterpillars, tussock moth caterpillars, yellownecked caterpillars) and certain other pests on landscape and recreational (including golf course) turfgrass and landscape ornamentals including trees, shrubs, foliage plants, flowers and non-bearing fruit and nut trees, which will not produce a raw agricultural commodity during the season of application.

Product Benefits

  Alternative mode of action
  No buffer zones near water
  Effective against caterpillars and other pests

Product Applications

Provaunt may only be used on plants or turfgrasses that are being grown for aesthetic or recreational purposes or climatic modification in or around home lawns, residential dwellings, business and office complexes, shopping complexes, multi-family residential complexes, institutional buildings, airports, cemeteries, ornamental gardens, parks, playgrounds, schools, golf courses (tee box areas, roughs, fairways, greens, collars etc.), athletic fields and other landscaped areas.

Active Ingredient

  Indoxacarb (S)-methyl 7-chloro-2, 5-dihydro-2-[[(methoxycarbonyl)[4(trifluoromethoxy) phenyl] amino] carbon] indeno [1,2-e] [1, 3, 4] oxadiazine-4a-(3H)-carboxylate 30.0%
  Other Ingredients 70.0%