Prudent 42CW 15-0-0

SKU: PRUDENT-42CW-PNT | Brand: Performance Nutrition

2 x 2.5 Gal

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Prudent 42CW is a patented phosphite fertilizer, (15-0-0 NPK). When used as a foliar application, Prudent 42CW improves seedling growth and bud formation, encourages blossoming and fruit set, and enhances overall plant vigor.

How Prudent 42CW Works:
• A phosphite fertilizer, Prudent 42CW has a 15-0-0 NPK content with 42% P2O5 derived from PO3
• Economical & effective, it can be used at lower rates per acre than most phosphite fertilizers
• Stimulates key pathways in the plant to defend against environmental stress
• Increases the integrity of plant cell walls which improves plant strength and resistance
• Formulated with very little water, allows the PO3 to remain stable in the jug
• Contains one of the highest percentages of PO3 of any phosphite fertilizer
• Compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides
• Helps keep un-chelated metals stable in solution
• Reduces scale buildup in spray tanks and equipment
• Improves spreading & nutrient uptake with a surfactant formulated right into the product

Why fertilizing with Prudent 42CW phosphite fertilizer gives you the Power Phosphite is a form of phosphorus, but it has one less oxygen atom than phosphate. Being “lighter” by one oxygen atom than phosphate makes a tremendous difference. Since the fully oxidized phosphate is the most stable P form in the environment, phosphite undergoes a gradual transformation after addition to the soil. Microorganisms are able to assimilate phosphite and release phosphate, gaining energy and nutrients during biological conversion. Due to its greater solubility it is more readily available to these microbes and plant roots than phosphate. So, phosphite is less chemically stable, and therefore more agile than its staid cousin. It also has certain benefits that phosphate never dreamed of. Phosphite is highly water soluble, and when applied to
plants is quickly absorbed by leaves, roots, and branches. Once in plants, it is extremely mobile and it is uniquely able to move in both xylem and phloem. Years of use in agricultural and horticultural settings have shown that foliar applications of phosphite improve seedling growth, bud formation, blossoming, fruit set, and plant vigor.

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15%
      2.5% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
    12.5% Urea Nitrogen
Derived from aqua ammonia and urea phosphite  

From Performance Nutrition, ships as case of 2 X 2.5 gallon jugs.