Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide

SKU: Q4PLUS001 | Brand: PBI Gordon

2 x 2.5 gal

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  Active Ingredients:
 Quinclorac, Sulfentrazone, 2,4-D, Dicamba


Powerful control of both broadleaf 
and grassy weeds 



With four powerful active ingredients, Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide for Grassy & Broadleaf Weeds offers a single product option to control grassy weeds like crabgrass and yellow nutsedge, as well as tough broadleaf weeds like clover and chickweed. 
Highly selective on cool-season turfgrasses, Q4 Plus is ideal for bluegrasses, ryegrasses, and fescues. 
Q4 Plus offers rapid visual response and has a one-week reseeding interval for most listed turf. 


 Q4 Plus controls: 

 Yellow Nutsedge 
 Many more listed grassy and broadleaf weeds 

Ideal for use on:

 Residential sites 
 Golf courses (fairways and roughs) 
 Commercial areas 
 Recreation areas 
 Sod farms 

Labeled for use in:

 Kentucky bluegrass 
 Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) 
 Rough bluegrass (Poa trivialis) 
 Perennial ryegrass 
 Annual ryegrass 


Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Dynamic            2-3pts/100gal                1.0 Gal