Replenish 10-2-5 Greens Grade

SKU: REPLENISH1025GG-EAR | Brand: Earthworks

50 lb bag

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Replenish 10-2-5 greens grade is an ammonium sulfate Formulated Natural Organic Fertilizer. This product is a combination of soluble ammonium sulfate nitrogen and rich composted Replenish fertilizer. Ammonium sulfate is ideal for spring and fall applications to release tied up calcium while providing a soluble form of nitrogen.When blended with the EarthWorks Replenish compost and other nutrients, a powerful fertilizer is
created that feeds both the soil and the plant.

Replenish 10-2-5 is a carbon-based bridge product with methylene urea as its primary synthetic nitrogen source.  This product is a 50% water insoluble nitrogen (WIN) fertilizer that can provide long term feeding.  The core of the product is our Replenish compost that is a registered organic material which will help keep microbiology active, hold moisture and provide a strong carbon base to the product.  The carbon base feeds microbes and helps it utilize its nitrogen more efficiently.  When these synthetic nitrogen sources are added to the EarthWorks Replenish compost, a powerful fertilizer is created that feeds both the soil microbes and the plant.

EarthWorks is dedicated to formulating the most agronomically complex products available. We have over 30 years of experience in working with biological soil management programs and building fertilizers for the turf industry.  Our fertilizers are designed to maximize the microbial activity of any soil.  We start with mineral rich poultry compost from egg laying birds that has gone through two digestion cycles. The by-products of this biological digestion bring with them a host of soil and plant benefits, including increased enzymes, amino acids and, most importantly, minerals. These benefits are not found in most commercial fertilizers.

Total Nitrogen (N) 10.0%
   4.2% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
   1.25% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
   4.55% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 2.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 5.0%
Sulfur (S) 6.0%
   6.0% Combined Sulfur
Derived from: Composted poultry manure, methylene urea, potash of sulfate and ammonium sulfate.

From Earthworks.  Ships in 50 pound bags. Also available in 500 pound sacks.