Revolution Premium Surfactant

SKU: REVO-2X2.5-AQU | Brand: Aquatrols

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Revolution from Aquatrols is the only soil surfactant technology that goes beyond water repellency issues, providing comprehensive water management and plant health benefits as well.

Revolution’s patented formulation creates a thin continuous film of water in the soil profile, balancing air-to-water ratios and increasing the performance of turf under stress.

It maximizes the potential of the growing environment, allowing your turf to function more efficiently and perform at consistently higher levels. Revolution reduces the impact of daily stresses on turf health and promotes faster recovery when stresses occur.

By balancing air and water in the rootzone and increasing the availability of nutrients, Revolution improves access to 75% of the cornerstone needs for healthy turf!

Product available to GV International customers only.  Available in water soluble bag, case, drums.