Ronstar G (Chipco)

SKU: RONSTAR008 | Brand: Bayer

50 lb bag

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Ronstar® G

Ronstar herbicide controls weeds through shoots, not roots, so unlike competitive products that don’t distinguish between roots of weeds and roots of desirable plants, Ronstar doesn’t harm healthy turf.
This product can be applied to sensitive grasses and areas when roots are already weakened by winterkill, pests or injury. Ronstar G is not suitable for home lawns, but can be used in residential landscape areas such as ornamental beds.
  Works on both warm- and cool-season grasses as well as landscape ornamentals
  One pre-emergent application – even in cold weather, or weeks before seed germination – controls weeds all season long
  Offers an environment conducive to sprigging
  Doesn’t inhibit turf root growth or recovery from damage
  Doesn’t prevent roots from tacking down

Pests controlled

Broadleaf weeds:
  Bittergrass, bristly oxtongue, carpetweed, cheeseweed, common groundsel, common purslane, evening primrose ragwort, lambsquarters, liverwort, oxalis, Pennsylvania smartweed, petty spurge, prostrate spurge, redroot pigweed, sow thistle, speedwell, spotted catsear, swinecress, yellow woodsorrel
Grassy weeds:
  Annual bluegrass, weedgrass, crabgrass, fall panicum, goosegrass, green foxtail, wild oats

Active Ingredient
  Oxadiazon .... 2.0%


Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Kinetic                1pt/100gal            1.0 - 2.0 gal

Grounded        1gal/100gal           1.0 gal