SeaBlend Super Starter 5-7-5

SKU: SUPER STARTER-EME | Brand: Ocean Organics

50 lb bag

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SeaBlend Super Starter 5-7-5 is more than just a fertilizer – truly a complete nutrition and performance enhancing organic based starter fertilizer. Accelerates Establishment by 30-35%. Super Starter maximizes phosphorus utilization and minimizes nutrient runoff.

SeaBlend Super Starter from Ocean Organics enriches the rootzone with natural organics, high quality natural and synthetic fertilizers, and breakthrough biocatalysts. SeaBlend Super Starter promotes quick growth and establishment for newly seeded, sodded or sprigged turfgrasses and also helps give established turf a jump start in spring’s cool temperatures.

SeaBlend Super Starter contains biologically produced organic acids (NuRelease Technology) that function in the root zone like naturally-occurring root and mycorrhizal exudates. These compounds complex the nutrients present, but locked up in the soil, and make them available for root uptake – so you get more of the performance potential out of your rootzone. NuRelease Technology works in cool soils, so you can get off to a super start in spring. SeaBlend

Super Starter’s nutrients are derived from a combination of select, natural organics and high quality chemical fertilizers – the best of both worlds. The ingredients and their proportions are selected to produce even and sustained availability of the major and minor nutrients. Like the other members of the SeaBlend family, Super Starter contains specific amino acids and microbes which work together to produce natural growth promoters in the root zone. This approach triggers the natural processes in the soil that have been part of plant growth for as long as there have been plants.

SeaBlend Super Starter contains a proprietary, naturally-derived wetting agent to ensure rapid movement of the soluble nutrients into the root zone.

SeaBlend Super Starter maximizes phosphorus utilization and minimizes nutrient runoff. It also releases phosphate-bound calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc in the soil and makes them more bioavailable for root uptake.


Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen(N)....5.%
1.0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
4.0% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate....7.0%
Soluble Potash....5.0%
0.20% Water Soluble Manganese