Sequestrene 138 FE

SKU: SEQUEST475 | Brand: Becker Underwood

10 x 5 lb

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Sequestrene 138 Fe Iron Chelate is a source of iron in a form readily available to plants. It can be applied as a soil application or as a foliar spray. Sequestrene 138 Fe is effective over a wide pH range, including soils where pH is 7.0 and above. Rates of application depend upon severity of deficiency, but should be kept within the recommended range for each crop. 

Becker Underwood Sequestrene 138 is 6 percent fully chelated EDDHA iron, and is preferred in the most challenging soils which are alkaline and calcareous.

CONTAINS: chelated EDDHA iron 6%.

USE ON: Flowers, shrubs, trees, fruits, vegetables and lawns.

CONTROLS: Iron deficiency (yellowing foliage)

RATE: 2 to 4 oz per 1,000 sq.ft. or 1Lb per 100 gallons of water most case 

APPLICATION: Mix with water. Apply as a drenching or foliar spray.