Solid Tube-Style Flags Blue

SKU: 8122I-PAR | Brand: Par Aide Products Co.


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Tube-style flags available with a custom look for your course. Ordering is easy: Simply choose the flag color, then add the appropriate two-digit code from the following: 


 01 = One Ink Color


 02 = Two Ink Colors


 03 = Three Ink Colors


 04 = Four Ink Colors

Good artwork is essential to get the process started
To accurately price your logo for custom flags provide us with an example of your logo
High-resolution vector-based or 800 dpi artwork is the best example of your logo.
Low-resolution artwork can be used but may require an additional art charge.

Ordering Process:
Acquire artwork. You need the correct artwork of your logo before we can start.
Select a flag. Determine a flag style (200 & 400 denier available), colors and quantity.  Nine-flag minimum for screen-printed.
Contact a Par Aide dealer.  Work with your local Par Aide dealer to facilitate a price quotation.
Approve quote.  Once purchase order is received, a sample flag or JPEG file will be sent for logo approval when needed/requested.  Contact your Par Aide dealer directly if any changes need to be made.
Experience the fastest turnaround.  Once we have final logo approval please allow 2-3 weeks for turnaround time.