Spotrete F


2 x 2.5 gal

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Spotrete™ F offers a different mode of action to battle disease resistance management issues. Labeled for cool- and warm-season turfgrass disease control. 

Spotrete™ F is to be used for the prevention and control of the foliar diseases mentioned in product label. It can provide both curative and protective action against common turf diseases. Start preventive applications when conditions for disease occurrence are favorable and repeat at 14-day intervals until disease threat is past. Start curative applications when disease first appears and repeat at 14-day intervals as necessary. For best results, use spray mixture the same day it is prepared. Apply after mowing or avoid mowing for twelve hours after application. Spotrete F may be used in a tank mix with other fungicides for control of foliar turf pathogens. This product can be mixed with iprodione, thiophanate-methyl, propiconazole, triadimefon, chlorothalonil, PCNB, myclobutanil, azoxystrobin and mancozeb for use on listed crops and sites in accordance with the most restrictive of label limitations and precautions. No label dosage rates should be reduced or exceeded. This product can not be mixed with any product containing a label prohibition against such mixing. Consult product labels for instructions on use. No claim of compatibility with other pesticides is implied. When tank mixing, read and observe the most restrictive precautionary statements and other information appearing on product labels

Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Cohere           8-12ozs/100gal           1.0 - 2.0 Gal