Systemic fungicides are taken up and redistributed through the xylem vessels. 

In general, systemic fungicides have curative and protective properties with extended residual activity. Because systemic fungicides are absorbed by the turfgrass, they work inside the plant to control pathogenic fungi that have already infected the plant and inhibit new fungi from entering the plant. Systemic fungicides usually have a very specific mode of action and do not have as broad a spectrum of disease control as contact fungicides, but they do control both foliar and root fungal pathogens.



Abound Flowable

SKU: ABOUND054 | Brand: Syngenta
4 x 1 Gal

Active Ingredient:


Product Overview

When a strobilurin with broad-spectrum disease control and application flexibility is needed, Abound fungicide...


SKU: AFFIRM001 | Brand: Cleary Chemical
3 x 2.4 Lb

This product is primarily intended for use as a Biological Control (Diseases) in the Turf & Ornamentals sector. 

Affirm WDG an 11.3% granular formulation of polyoxin D, controls the...


SKU: APPEAR001 | Brand: Syngenta
2 x 2.5 gal

Active Ingredient: 

Potassium Phosphite


Product Overview


Superior disease control with enhanced turf color and quality


AzTeb Select

SKU: GV00042-SEL | Brand: Select Source
4 x 1 Gal


AzTeb Select a systemic fungicide that provides preventative and curative control against diseases common to sports turfgrass, such as; Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Cool Weather Brown...

Banner Maxx II (Agency Priced)

SKU: BANNER002 | Brand: Syngenta
2 x 1 Gal

Active Ingredient:



Broad spectrum and systemic disease control for turf and ornamentals 

Briskway (Agency Priced)

SKU: BRISKWA001 | Brand: Syngenta
2 x 1 Gal

Active Ingredient: Azoxystrobin - 18.2% Difenoconazole - 11.4%.

ActiBriskway Fungicide is a broad spectrum fungicide to be used only on golf course turfgrasses. 
It will...

Caravan G

SKU: CARAVAN001 | Brand: Syngenta
30 lb bag

Active Ingredient:  

Azoxystrobin - 0.31% 
Thiamethoxam - 0.22% 

Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide combines the best of Meridian 25WG insecticide and...

Cleary 3336 DG Lite

SKU: CLEARY001 | Brand: Cleary Chemical
30 lb bag

Clearys 3336 DG Lite Granular Fungicide is a systemic fungicide products for the prevention and control of turf diseases and the diseases of annual and perennial flowers, bedding plants, foliage plants,...

Concert II (Agency Priced)

SKU: CONCERT001 | Brand: Syngenta
2 x 2.5 gal

Active Ingredient: 

Propiconazole - 2.9% Chlorothalonil - 38.5% 


Concert II Fungicide provides both preventative and curative control of wide range...


SKU: 83080147 | Brand: Control Solutions
2 x 2.5 gal

ENCLAVE®, a broad-spectrum fungicide, gives you a powerful weapon in the war on fungal diseases...

Endorse WSB (3 x 11 LB)(Bg)

SKU: ENDORSE122 | Brand: Cleary Chemical
3 x 11 Lb

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Active Ingredient:
Iprodione: 19.65%
Thiophanate-methyl: 19.65%
Other Ingredients: 60.70%
Total: 100.0%


SKU: DISARM001 | Brand: FMC Corporation
4 x 16 Oz Carton

Active Ingredients: Fluoxastrobin.......0.25%

Fame Granular Fungicide: 

    The Spreadable Solution 


Championship turf is...

Fosal Select

SKU: GV00083-SEL | Brand: Select Source
4 x 5.5 lb

Turfgrass Specific, Systemic Protection

Fosal Select is a true two-way systemic fungicide. With no known history of resistance, it can be counted on as a long term component of your professional...

Fosetyl-Al 80 WDG (Signature)

SKU: FOSETYL001 | Brand: Control Solutions
4 x 5.5 lb

Systemic mode of action providing long-lasting, broad spectrum preventative...


SKU: 09048PPL100-BRA | Brand: Brandt
2 x 2.5 Gal


Fungi-Phite helps to fight Phytophthora, Pythium, downy mildew and brown rot, as well as blue and green mold and other crop diseases.  Fungi-Phite is an excellent fit for integrated...