Summer Success Program

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Its time to get with the program - customers will rave about great playing conditions, and you can have confidence that your turf is ready for summer's demanding conditions.

Warm Weather Green and Tee Box Success Program - $75 Acre

Complete Nutritional Program for Eagle and Mini-Verde Bermuda Grass Greens.  For Champion Ultra Dwarf Grass request Brandt 30 K instead of Brandt Converge CRN, at the same package cost and applied at the same rate.

Keep turf grass looking and performing its best with BRANDT's Summer Success program. The carefully selected line up of Manni-Plex high performance foliar nutrients and specialty nutritionals was designed to promote strong root systems and root mass, which improves nutrient and water uptake and helps turf better withstand summer heat and drought stress, and regular foot traffic.

High Performance Foliar Nutrition
Manni-Plex high performance foliar nutrients are a proprietary blend of macro and micronutrients, with a nutrient carrier added. Using Manni-Plex is one of the fastest and most effective ways to supply nutrition to plants and turf.

Brandt Manni-Plex Technology greatly increases the absorption and movement of nutrients through the leaf cuticle to internal leaf structures.  Manni-Plex can also be re-wet after it dries, which will reactivate the formulation and extend the foliar feeding period.  Features include:
  Convenient liquid form allows for easy foliar application
  Nutrients are immediately available to the plant
  Proprietary formulation coats leaves and sticks to the surface, making nutrients available longer
  High performance molecule allows more nutrients to penetrate the leaf cuticle and move through the plant
  Can be tank mixed with most insecticides, fungicides and PGR's

About In-Cyte
Derived from ammonium polyphosphate, In-Cyte is a 12% liquid phosphate with humic acid, seaweed extract and wetting agents added. It stimulates root and stem responses and enhances the rooting process. 


Application Timing Products     Application Rates
Week 1 Manni Plex Total Turf
Manni Plex MG
Brandt Converge CRN
3 oz / 1000 sq ft   
Week 2 Foli-Cal
Manni Plex Eagle
Brandt In-Cyte
3 oz / 1000 sq ft   
Week 3 Foli-Cal
Manni Plex Root Builder
Brandt Converge CRN
3 oz / 1000 sq ft   
Week 4 Foli-Cal
Manni Plex MN
Manni Plex Ultra Turf
3 oz / 1000 sq ft   
Every 3rd Spray Brandt Seaweed Max 1.5 oz / 1000 sq ft   


One Success Package treats approximately 3 acres for 6 weeks, using the recommended application timing and rates. An extra case of Foli-Cal is required to complete the full 6 week program.


Summer Success Components

Guaranteed Analysis

(1) 2/2.5g case Manni-plex Total Turf 4-0-0 plus 1.2% Mg, 2.8% Fe, .5% Mn, .6% Zn
(1) 2/2.5g case Manni-plex Mg 5-0-0 plus 4% Mg
(2) 2/2.5g case Brandt Converge CRN 30-0-0 with 70% controlled release nitrogen
(2) 2/2.5g case Foli-Cal 10% Ca
(1) 2/2.5g case Manni-Plex Eagle 7-0-14 plus .25% Mg, .5% Fe, .25% Mn
(1) 2/2.5g case Brandt In-Cyte 3-12-0 enriched with seaweed extract, humic acid and a wetting agent
(1) 2/2.5g case Manni-Plex Root Builder 3-0-0 plus .5% Mg, .2% B, .05% Cu, .9% Mn, 4.7% Zn
(1) 2/2.5g case Manni-Plex Mn 7-0-0 plus 5% Mn
(1) 2/2.5g case Manni-Plex Ultra Turf 4-0-2 plus 2% soluble potash, .5% Mg, .25% B, .5% Cu, 2% Fe, .5% Mn, .25% Mo
(1) 2/2.5g case Brandt Seaweed Max 25% Seaweed Extract derived from Ascophyllum Nosodum, 1% Humic Acid derived from Leonardite