SuperCal Humic

SKU: SO450BWHUMIC-CAL | Brand: Calcium Products

50 lb bag

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SuperCal Humic provides the benefits of humic substances with a soluble source of calcium and sulfur in one homogenous pellet. Improve nutrient uptake and increase soil and plant health with this low dust, easy to use formulation. 

Humic is a unique pelletized calcium and sulfur product. For soils low in organic matter, compacted, sandy and/or low in sulfur, Humic provides humic substances, along with chelated calcium and sulfur in sulfate form. This can improves your crop's uptake of calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and other micronutrients. As part of a balanced soil fertility program, Humic should be applied after a thorough annual soil test to determine soil nutrient levels.

  A natural source of calcium and humic substances.
  Provides sulfur in sulfate form.
  Provides a chelated form of calcium.
  Improve plant uptake of soil nutrients, especially calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other micro nutrients.
  Increases CEC to improve nutrient holding capacity and reduce leaching.
  Increases soil water holding capacity.
Guaranteed Chemical Analysis
Calcium (Ca) 17%
Sulfur (S)        14%
Humic Acid    10%

SuperCal Humic comes in 50 pound bags and is manufactured by Calcium Products.