Tank Cleaner Select

SKU: GV00068-SEL | Brand: Prime Source

12 x 1 qt

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Tank Cleaner Select is used to protect equipment by reducing or eliminating residues and chemicals. It protects against cross contamination which could lead to reduced efficacy and other unwanted application results. Tank Cleaner Select’s extreme alkalinity works to dissolve acid active ingredients efficiently. Extend the life expectancy of your equipment by thoroughly removing these and other corrosive materials.

     • Avoid damaging plants due to cross contamination
     • Extend the life of seals and moving parts on application equipment
     • Extreme alkalinity quickly breaks down acid active residues
     • Effective on hard to clean poly and fiberglass spray systems

Principal Functioning Agents:
Anionic Surfactants, Chelating Agents, Ammonia . . . . . 100%

Follow the cleaning instructions of the equipment manufacturer and the active ingredient label. If the manufacturer’s instructions are not available, use the following method:
     • Clean as soon as possible after field use.
     • Clean equipment near an area where the rinsate can be safely disposed.
     • To prevent cross contamination between tank mixes, focus on cleaning all parts of the spray equipment, surfaces and measuring gear.
     • Strainers should be inspected for clogs that can create pressure variability and spraying inaccuracy.
     • Wear the same PPE as required by the most restrictive label.

Manufactured by Prime Source, LLC.   Shipped in 12 x 1 qt