Tartan Stressguard (Agency Priced)

SKU: TARTAN001 | Brand: Bayer

2 x 2.5 gal

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Tartan Fungicide

Created with golf courses in mind Tartan Fungicide provides preventative and curative control for thirteen turf diseases. Use Tartan almost anywhere on the course: fairways, greens, tees, and roughs for three weeks of disease control. Containing the unique StressGard FT which aids in making turf healthier and less stressed by enhancing respiration and photosynthesis. StressGard FT produces denser turf above ground and better root systems below. Controlling disease is easier when the plant itself is less stressed. Tartan mixes well with foliar fertilizers and insecticides making application easy and is a powerful tool in your disease management arsenal. Bayer Tartan Fungicide will give you a lushous healthy turf ready for play everyday!

Key Strengths
Broad-spectrum disease control with plant health promotion, spring and fall clean-up of diseases.
Versatile, broad-spectrum disease control
Multiple modes-of-action to manage fungicide
resistant plant pathogens
Plant health promotion
Stressgard for product safety under summer stress, UV radiation management and improved turf color and density
Provides prevention of dollar spot with early-season applications

Target pests:
  Anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, fusarium patch, gray leaf spot, leaf spot, pink patch, pink snow mold, red thread, rust, Southern blight, stripe smut, summer patch

For use in:
  Turf sites including golf courses, institutional and commercial lawns, sod farms, sports fields, parks, municipal grounds and cemeteries

Use Tartan Stressgard in early-season programs to control Microdochium patch, fairy ring and dollar spot.
Use Tartan Stressgard in the fall to clean up late dollar spot, control leaf spot and manage germinating sclerotia of snow mold fungi.

Active Ingredient:
  Trifloxystrobin .... 4.17%
  Triadimefon .......20.86

From Bayer.


Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Cohere           8-12ozs/100gal           1.0 - 2.0 Gal


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