SKU: 07002BRN100-BRA | Brand: Brandt

2.5 Gal

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Brandt Topcoat is a soil wetting agent designed for direct spray-on application to highly managed turf and/or specialty crops.  Topcoat is useful for managing difficult-to-wet soil environments such as areas of high traffic/ compaction, steep slopes, and/or hydrophobic soils such as those associated with localized dry spot (LDS).     

Topcoat is a concentrated formulation designed to deliver long lasting performance. 1-2 applications per season at standard rates can typically deliver adequate performance for most problematic soil conditions.
Topcoat chemistry is a compound molecular structure that embeds itself in the hydrophobic soil colloids while retaining moisture in the soil solution. It's approved for use on new seedings as well as established turf and crops.

Benefits of using Topcoat
100% Active Ingredient Formulation
Direct Spray-On application for diificult-to-wet soils
Long lasting performance
Approved for use on new seedings as well as established turf
Tested for phytotoxicity

Principal Functioning Agents: 
A proprietary blend of nonionic surfactants and formulation aids. 100%

Manufactured by Brandt.  Available in 2.5 gallons.  May be also spelled Brandt top coat.