Trimec Classic (Gal)

SKU: TRIMEC247 | Brand: PBI Gordon

4 x 1 Gal

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  Active Ingredients:

 2,4-D, MCPP, Dicamba  


Turf professionals’ #1-preferred post-emergence herbicide 



Introduced more than 40 years ago, Trimec® Classic Brand Broadleaf Herbicide still treats more acres than any other premium 3-way broadleaf herbicide. Trimec Classic delivers proven control of more than 90 broadleaf weeds, including clover, dandelion, plantain, and chickweed. The synergistic action of its formulation helps keep the cost-per-acre low, and Trimec Classic won’t harm most turfgrass species when used as directed. 



 Trimec Classic controls:

 Many other listed weeds 

Ideal for use on:

 Golf courses 
 Residential lawns 
 Commercial property 
 Sports turf 
 Sod farms 
 Other non-crop turf areas 

Labeled for use on:

 Fescue - tall, red and fine leaf 
 Bluegrass - Kentucky and annual 
 Ryegrass - annual and perennial 
 Bermudagrass – common and hybrid 

Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Dynamic            2-3pts/100gal                1.0 Gal