Turf Marker Blue WSB Select

SKU: GV00037-SEL | Brand: Prime Source

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Granular Blue Colorant Spray Pattern Indicator 

Turf Marker Blue WSB Select is a highly concentrated blue granular colorant that can be added to sports turf, ornamentals, lakes, ponds, fountains and other contained bodies of water to achieve the desired blue color.  

Turf Marker Blue WSB Select shows applicators where they have sprayed and will help avoid costly oversprays and skips when added to tank mixes.  This product will color any surface a blue color including soil, plant materials, rocks, stones and other areas. The dye can either be washed off with soap and water or allowed to fade naturally. It may be permanent or long-lasting on certain porous surfaces such as unsealed concrete or brick.

Turf Marker Blue WSB Select can be used in ornamental lakes, ponds and fountains to achieve the desired blue color.  This product should not be used in streams, rivers, out flows, or water that is not completely controlled by the user. 

Turf Marker Blue WSB Select provides a quick and easy solution for your spray pattern indicator needs. The superior low-dust, granular formulation is designed to immediately break surface tension and prevent surface clumping and streaks associated with powdered WSB’s.

     •  Convenient, 2 oz Water Soluble Bags
     •  Up to 12x more efficient than typical surfactants
     •  No direct contact with dye means less mess
     •  No drips or splash-back
     •  Water Soluble Bags dissolve in under 2 minutes
     •  1 bag treats up to 50 gallons of mix 

Active Ingredient:
Dye .................................100%

Manufactured by Prime Source, LLC.   Shipped in 10 x 2 oz