Venture Clean (Tank Cleaner)

SKU: GV00134-AME | Brand: Golf Ventures

12 x 1 Quart Case

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Venture Clean Non-Ammoniated Tank Cleaner

Venture Clean is formulated to help deactivate harmful herbicide deposits and residue in spray tanks and equipment, ensuring that they can safely be used for future applications. 

Given the extreme potency of many herbicides, even minute traces can negatively impact plant health. Venture Clean leverages cutting-edge surfactant and sequestrant technology to penetrate, encapsulate and deactivate residue in spray equipment left behind from a wide range of herbicides including: Glyphosate, 2,4-D, Mecoprop and Triclopyr. 

Venture Clean can also be used to rinse the exterior of spray tanks and equipment.

• Removes herbicide deposits
• Deactivates residue left behind by a wide range of herbicides
• Can be used with: tanks, booms, hoses, filters and nozzles
• Breaks down oily deposits

Contains: 2-aminoethanol, Benzenesulfonic acid, alcohols, C12-15, ethoxylated, (2-methoxymethylethoxy)
propanol, phosphonic acid.

Sold as 12 X 1 quart case.  Distributed by Golf Ventures.