Venture Relief (2.5 Gal Jug)

SKU: GV00177-AME | Brand: Golf Ventures

2.5 Gal Jug

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Salt Management Technology

Proprietary blend of short chain carbon quaternary of organic carboxylic acid, organic amine, soil penetrants and re-wetting technology.

Venture Relief is designed to remedy soils that are high in salts and bicarbonates and / or are irrigated with marginal water.  These soil conditions generally result in poor water infiltration, low nutrient availability and poor turf vigor which prevents turf from responding adequately, resulting in increased fertilizer demand.

Apply Venture Relief as part of an overall salts management program reduces bonds of calcium carbonates and calcium phosphates so that free Calcium (Ca ) displaces Sodium (Na ) and other salts on soil exchange sites.  Venture Relief dissociates chemical bonds and frees CALCIUM in water and soils under hydration in order to flush soils for removing any build-up of sales and to re-charge gravitational; and capillary water in most soil types.

Water infiltration in most soils will improve and solubility of minerals and nutrients will increase.  Increased calcium availability will also buffer soil pH.  Soil Nutrient Base Saturation rations will become more balanced and anions such as sulfates will stabilize.


A Venture Line product.  Sold as 2.5 Gallon Jug.