Venture Wet Granular (50 Lb Bag)

SKU: GV00148-AME | Brand: Golf Ventures

50 lb bag

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Premium Granular Soil Surfactant

Long lasting
Prevents and corrects localized dry spots
100% non-phytotoxic and safe for all turf grasses
Increases water penetration through thatch and water-repellent soils.
Holds water in the root zone.
Makes more efficient use of irrigation supplied water.

Venture Wet Granular is a premium granular soil surfactant engineered specifically for use on golf course greens, tee, and athletic fields.  Venture Wet Granular excels in the treatment of localized dry spots and significantly increases water and nutrient infiltration rates on hydrophobic soils.

Can be blended with fertilizer and compost, or applied directly to soil via broadcast equipment.  The addition of Venture Wet Granular to fertilizer and compost blends is an excellent way to add hydrophilic properties to soil.

Venture Line by Golf Ventures.  50 LB Bags.