Venture Wet (non-ionic wetting agent)

SKU: GV00161-AME | Brand: Golf Ventures

2 x 2.5 Gal Case

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Venture Wet is an economical, non-ionic, wetting agent engineered specifically to aid in large-scale water conservation efforts.   Our wetting agent works by reducing water surface tension and increasing penetration, resulting in more water being made available to a plant’s root zone, thereby reducing the amount of water needed to maintain plant health by as much as 30%.

Venture Wet is best applied as part of a managed application program and is compatible with a wide range of turf products and can be tank-mixed with other materials during application, these include: nutrients, bio-stimulants, fungicides and insecticides.

Quick Benefits

Reduces water usage
Low use-rates
Increases water penetration
Treats soil hydrophobicity

Venture Wet liquid formulation is available as a case of 2 X 2.5 Gallon Jugs, 30 and 55 Gallon Drums, and a 275 Gallon Tote.

Part of the Golf Ventures Line.