VermaPlex OMRI listed derived from worm castings

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2 x 2.5 gal

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What is VermaPlex

VermaPlex®:  An organic specialty fertilizer derived, through a patented process, from certified organic, OMRI listed, pure Black Castings™.  VermaPex® contains: Liquid humate, Yucca, Soluble Sea Kelp, Amino Acids

The sea kelp component of VermaPlex is an excellent source of auxin, cytokines, and natural hormones.

Worms are raised in a climate controlled / indoor environment and are fed a consistent diet free of animal and yard waste, assuring consistent quality all year long.

Vermaplex is safe and easy to use for both soil and foliar applications – will not burn or damage plants.  
It’s free of pathogens and is produced without any animal or yard waste.   You can  see immediate results after applying VermaPlex.

VermaPlex is completely safe to use around pets and children.  No warning signs are needed after application,  will not burn.

Features and Benefits

  Enriches the soil to feed the plant
  Provides nutrients to plants and inoculates the soil with beneficial microbes and mychorrizae
  Enhances the efficiency of applied fertilizers by increasing C.E.C
  Improves availability of essential nutrients
  Encourages biological activity in the soil
  Increases disease, drought and stress tolerance
  Helps degrade thatch

When soils and plants become healthier:

  Roots grow quicker 
  Seeds sprout faster 
  Plants grow stronger
  Flowers bloom longer
  Lawns turn greener
  Neamatodes are eradicated through "competitive exclusion"
  Plant disease is minimized

Concentrated formula  - one gallon of VermaPlex equals 20 gallons of solution.

2017 Vermaplex Research Project: IMPACT OF WORM POWER ON ROOTING

Contains .48% Nitrogen, .01% Phosphorus, .016% Potassium