Xentari (Lbs)

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30x 1 Lb

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XenTari is a highly selective insecticide for use against larvae (worms) of lepidopterous insects. XenTari has outstanding efficacy against armyworms and diamondback moth larvae. The active ingredient in XenTari is a pure, potent strain of Bacillus thuringiensis var. aizawai (Bta) composed of protein crystals and viable endospores. It's a great integrated pest management tool with DiPel Biological Insecticide or other chemistries, and it's easy on beneficial insects.

Benefits of XenTari

XenTari provides effective control of armyworms and diamondback moth when used alone, in rotation or in a tank mix. Incorporating XenTari into rotation or tank mixes with other insecticides can improve field performance and reduce costs.

  Improved efficacy—reduce insect damage and increase yield

  Better value—lower the costs of a season-long insect control program

  Resistance management—add a new mode of action to a spray program to preserve the effectiveness of traditional and newer soft chemistry

Active Ingredient

  Bacillus thuringiensis, subsp. aizawai, Strain ABTS-1857, fermentation solids, spores and insecticidal toxins 54.0%
  Other Ingredients 46.0%